OBN | One Brand Number

 Unique number for unique business!

One Brand Number is the unique corporate number for your business to be reached from all over the world.

What is OBN?

  • One Brand Number is the unique corporate number for your business to be reached from all over the world.

  • A OBN number allows your business to not be located in a specific country or market but universal presence.

  • OBN is the only numbering plan in telecom market allowed to offer such kind of services
  • ITU (International telecommunication Union based in Geneve has officially assigned the new +88250 International network numbering plan to Phonegroup since 22th August 2019).

Why your business should have a OBN?

  • No localization for your company.

  • Accessible worldwide.

  • Intelligent Network services.

  • Smart network services.

  • Virtual contact center.

  • Caller-based routing.
  • Time-based routing
  • Autonomous routing
  • Adding services
Operational Bullettin


OBN ONE BRAND NUMBER +88250 is a Phonegroup brand for commercialization on an international level of +88250 numbering
Phonegroup is a Swiss phone carrier operating in telecom business established in 2003 by union of several experts and pioneers of international telecom world active in the sector for over 25 years
Our experience in telecoms allowed us in 2019 to obtain from ITU (International Authority for Telecom) the assignation of numbering plan +88250 private network designed for corporate services at global level

Phonegroup is actively involved in wholesale and retail voice business.

Versatility of the offered VoIP terminations allows us to be pointed towards partner’s needs. We are able to work on direct terminations, top quality routes and personalized routes to offer a perfect mix between price and quality.

Innovation of the technical infrastructure, developed in strict collaboration with our technical partner Callcom, is one of our main characteristics; our software and systems for the voice transit are flexible and fully developed for the quality control of VoIP terminations with sophisticated quality warnings.

Phonegroup has a wide range of constant-improving services to meet any need for any customer. Checking our offerings, most interesting products are: A-Z Termination, VoIP Wholesale, VoIP Retail and CLI Routes and Phone Center traffic.

We have been selected as a partner by numerous Tier 1 international carriers, corporate carriers and residential VoIP businesses; so wholesale carriers and VoIP retail providers can take advantage of our telecom services and grow up with us. You can confidently expect more smart innovations and useful solutions for your future needs.


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If you are a carrier or a local mobile/fixed operators and want to get directly interconnected with OBN please leave a message and contact us.
Our team will be ready to reply you and start looking at interconnection process.